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Chapter 3 Sensitivity, Intuition & Listening: Journal Exercises

How sensitive are you? 

 Do you often tune into other people’s emotions and pain? 

Do you find it hard to make decisions in your life because you question yourself so much? 

Do you tend to over-analyse what other people say and do? 

Do you find it hard to differentiate between your intuition and other people’s input?  

( When you tune fully into your gut and intuition you get a solid answer, it feels right. It’s an inner knowing like an instinct. If the information comes from someone else it stays in your head and you analyse it.) 

Do you find it difficult to brush emotions away unless you fully under-stand the dynamic of a situation? 

Which environments, situations and people drain your energy and make you feel tired? 

Which activities, environments, and people help you to restore your energy and give you a sense of well-being? 

Download and write out your answers

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