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The Amazing gift of Life

Life is an amazing gift. You now have the choice and power to live it as you wish. Your power to create and achieve is far beyond what you imagine. If you have someone who sees the real you and believes in you it is easier to see and experience this. If you have had a tough start in life with little support you just need to work a bit harder to believe in yourself. Once you work on gaining your control, trust, belief and faith within yourself, life will start unfolding for you in amazing ways. You will create your hopes and dreams. Look forward. The high points in your life are still to come.


  • You are born pure.
  • You are born with lessons to learn.
  • You are born with an ability to help yourself.

The path to fulfilling your potential and to experience the amazing gift of your life unfolding is:

  1. Gain awareness of what you want in your life.
  2. Visualise it.
  3. Talk about your vision to trusted people in your life.
  4. Take steps to move forward in your chosen direction and keep going.
  5.  Enjoy it all manifesting.
  1. Gaining Awareness;

Look at your life in the following six areas:

  • Life Purpose: In which area does your purpose lie? In the depths of you what do you want to do with your life? If you don’t know, think about what you loved to do when you were 8? Did you love to build, design, play music, perform, explore number, work outside, talk to people, teach others what you know, play sport, write, draw, watch and understand people’s interactions, organise things, spend time with animals, do science experiments, work outside etc? Who did you admire growing up? What career interested you? Take back your control. Don’t blindly go into to an area of work because that is what is expected of you. Take responsibility for yourself. Follow your passion.
  • Relationships: What sort of relationships fit you well?
  • Health: How do you want to feel in your body?
  • Personal Development: What are your strengths and gifts? You have the power, strength, wisdom and courage to bring out these gifts within yourself, fulfilling your own needs. Then you can share these gifts with others, bringing true joy into your work, career and family.
  • Prosperity: What material wealth do you want to welcome into your life?
  • Social life: What do you like to do just for fun? What social settings do you enjoy?
  1. Visualising:

Next visualise yourself flourishing in all of these areas. Spend time daydreaming about each one, starting off with a general feeling or concept and slowly filling in all the details that feel good to you. Make a vision board as a concrete visual representation of the direction you want your life to go in. Think about your passions and imagine your future best life. Write down how you would feel upon achieving that life. Then choose images and powerful words that represent your vision,  making sure that each one you choose gives you a good feeling. Make clear intentions for a fulfilling future for yourself.  Lay out your words and images in a way that pleases you and then stick them onto a large piece of card. Frequently look at your board and enjoy the feeling it brings and enjoy watching your life evolve in that direction.  

  1. Talk about your vision to trusted people in your life:

If you have a parent, partner, sibling or friend who would support your plans tell them all about it. This will keep you enthusiastic and help you to feel closer to manifesting your goals.

  1. Take Steps

Get the momentum going by taking steps towards your vision. Small steps are fine. Write them out. Use what you have, here and now to start your journey. Identify your gifts, skills, ideas and sources of support. Keep going in your chosen direction. Take the opportunities that come your way. Make good decisions by connecting your intuition, logic and emotions.

  1. Manifest

Enjoy experiencing your chosen life manifesting. Trust and have faith as it all unfolds. Have confidence and follow the path you are creating. Feel the exhilaration of living in your power and the joy of the amazing gift of life.

Not finished = this is energy down need to look at energy up as we grow up

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