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Spirit & Awareness and Mediumship


Spirit and awareness:

Here you will open up to a world around you and experience energy, vibration and mediumship. You will progress at a pace that is suitable to you so do not compare yourself to others in the workshop. This workshop is the starting point of all who wish to expand their knowledge in mediumship.

Here I will teach you how to open up your abilities and mediumship. Personal development is awareness of yourself as a person to grow in energy and awareness and to have greater understanding of your physical, emotional and mental and spiritual connection. Through your own growth of self-development and self-awareness this has allowed your energy, vibration and mind to become clear to open up to all your natural psychic and mediumship abilities.

Through this workshop you will learn invaluable knowledge of all your senses and how to be in tune with your abilities.

By knowing your true self, your souls journey, your spiritual being, your awakening to your higher self of one with the universe.

Discover how to advance your own natural psychic and mediumship abilities, relaxation and meditation.

  • How to travel in energy. Senses of feeling – physically, emotionally and mentally. Understanding, knowledge and wisdom.
  • Intuition
  • All senses of sight or vision
  • Third eye
  • Taste
  • Smell
  • Hearing and sound by vibrations of how to feel spirit around your energy. Hearing in the ear of voice and sound.
  • Touch
  • A knowing
  • Patience
  • Compassion
  • Non judgemental
  • Empathy
  • Angel guides and Spirit
  • Connecting to your place of energy
  • Travelling in energy
  • Reading an person’s aura, energy, vibration and body
  • Past lives
  • Spirit world
  • Mediumship

There is no greater joy than knowing that you are a real person. Find yourself, be yourself and as you get a greater understanding of yourself you find peace and balance within your life.

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